ACTHRA Portal administration – data entry notes

General information

  • Copying/pasting into text boxes:
    To avoid entering redundant formatting tags into the database when copying/pasting text from another page or document –
    1. Copy the text from the original web page or document
    2. Paste the text into a plain text document (Notepad or Wordpad)
    3. Copy the text from the plain text document
    4. Paste the text into the text box (Overview, Summary, Other legislation and Related links).
    The case summary text can be formatted using the Bold and Italics links above the text box.
  • Citation format: For a guide to the citation of Australian legal cases, refer to the Australian Guide to Legal Citation (3rd ed) (PDF 3.0MB).

HRA section

The current revision of the ACT Human Rights Act 2004 can be downloaded from the A.C.T. legislation register website. This document provides an up-to-date list of the HRA sections.

HRA rank order

The value in this field sets the order in which HRA sections are displayed on the website; the lower the rank, the higher up the list a particular HRA section will be displayed.

Three alphanumeric characters (0 – 9 and a – z) are allowed; items displayed at the top of the list have lowest rank order (000). Items with a numeric (0 – 9) rank preceed items with alpha (a – z) rank. The following rank order thus applies, for example:

  • 004
  • 040
  • 40a
  • 40b
  • 40c
  • 40d
  • 410
  • aaa